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Why Fremtenkt?

Vindfang, veier, og gjerder ser ut som blyantstreker i dette snødektelandskapet ved elven Volga, som løper på tvers øverst i bildet.

Because the future is created here and now, from the bottom up

Fremtenkt start from the assumtion that the transition to sustainabilty is also an opportunity to create societies that are far better than those we live in today—for everyone.

To achieve this, everyone must be involved in the work to discover and invent sustainable solutions for the future. And this work needs to happen from the bottom up.

Our programs therefore aim to include those who are otherwise excluded, expedite and democratise the transition to sustainability, and give people of all ages a renewed faith in the potential for the future to be far better than the present.
[W]e have largely lost the ability to imagine a future fundamentally different from the present.

[T]he real crisis of our times … is that we can't come up with anything better
Tyler Cowen
Rutger Bregman
The libertarian economist Tyler Cowen agrees with the radical historian Rutger Bregman: We can create far better societies, and live far better lives within these. But we have forgotten the art of imagining the future as we want it to be; we have forgotten utopian thinking.
Fremtenkt wants to do something about that. Our Future Workshops are designed to awaken your imagination as a resistance to resignation, and are the first step towards realising sustainable societies that we can be proud to pass on to our descendants.

Futures thinking cannot be the preserve of a few special interests. The future concerns everyone, and so everyone must be involved in giving it shape.
Beteiligten machen
Fremtenkt wants to contribute to this by introducing the Future Workshop as a method in as many parts of society as possible.

The Future Workshop was developed by Robert Jungk, whose motto was Betroffene zu Beteiligten machen, in other words that those who are affected by change should partake in shaping change.

You can read more about the Future Workshop her.
Robert Jungk mottar "Right Livelihood Award" i 1986
Robert Jungk
Received the "Right Livelihood Award" in 1986