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Futures of Ageing 2 with Last chapter and the Artful Dementia Research Lab (UoT)

On the 17.02.2021 Fremtenkt, Last chapter and the Artful Dementia Research Lab (UoT) is pleased to invite you to a new online Futures Workshop on the futures of ageing-friendly societies.

A proper invitation will soon be shared here, but please do not hesitate to get in touch today at if you would like to participate. Participation is free.


Fremtenkt Contributes to UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020

On Desember 8-9, Fremtenkt will participate in the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit as one part of the Norwegian delegation, together with NIFU, The Research Council of Norway, and University of Stavanger.

Fremtenkt will present our Laboratory for sustainable and democratic futures as an example of Futures Literacy in the context of citizen-municipal collaboration and co-creation in the sustainable urban development of Åsane, a suburb of Bergen, on the West Coast of Norway.

The virtual summit is open to all and free of charge, so sign up today!

SDG Christmas Calendar

In collaboration with Memoar and Last Chapter/Siste kapittel, Fremtenkt have made a SDG Christmas calendar: each of the four Sundays in Advent, we will be publishing a video at that connects one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to oral histories collected by Memoar. Through these videos, we want to provide an insight into the recent history of sustainable development in Norway, seen from the perspective of the individual, as well as invite you to reflect on the meaning and importance of sustainability in everyday life.

Videos are in Norwegian

Online Futures Workshop on Ageing-Friendly Communities

In collaboration with Last Chapter/Siste kapittel, Fremtenkt arranged an online Futures Workshop on Ageing-Friendly Societies on November 25, 2020. Participants from Norway, Great Britain, Canada and Israel, with backgrounds in academia, healthcare, and health policy work, came together to critique everything that is wrong about the way we treat, imagine, experience, think or talk about ageing today; dream up utopian visions for the futures of ageing-friendly communities, and make plans for how they—singly and collectively—could work to bring present reality closer to the imagined futures.

A second workshop in the series is planned for February 16, 2021. If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to get in touch at

Online Futures Workshop on Sustainable Urban Development in Åsane

On November 20, Fremtenkt organised the first "experiment" within the Laboratory for sustainable and democratic futures: an online Futures Workshop dealing with the development of the centre of Åsane, a suburb of Bergen on the West coast of Norway.

The workshop—inspired by the method originally developed by Robert Jungk and Norbert Müllert—brought together about 20 participants, including engaged inhabitants, representatives from the municipal planning office, and the police.

Over the course of three hours, participants first discussed and voted on their favourite aspects of Åsane as it is today, then the worst aspects of the urban centre of the suburb, and finally set about brainstorming and sketching out their "preferred futures" for Åsane in the form of visions for the urban centre they would like it to be—if they could decide.

Read more about the experiment in the lab notes.

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